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Reactive Dyes Manufacturer in, Supplier, Exporters in India

Reactive Dyes Manufacturer in India

Reactive dyes are used to dye cellulosic fibres. The reactive dyes contain a reactive group, either a haloheterocycle or an activated double bond, that, when applied to a fibre in an alkaline dye bath, forms a chemical bond with an hydroxyl group on the cellulosic fibre. Reactive Dyes is now the most important method for the coloration of cellulosic fibres. Reactive dyes Manufacturer can also be applied on wool and nylon; in the latter case they are applied under weakly acidic conditions. Reactive dyes Manufacturer in India have a low utilization degree compared to other types of dyestuff, since the functional group also bonds to water, creating hydrolysis

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We are offering Reactive Dyes, Manufacturer our responsive colors like Ribafix 'M' Dyes, Ribafix 'P' Reactive Dyes, Ribafix 'ME' Dyes, Ribazol Vinyl Sulphone Reactive Dyes, Ribazol RGB Reactive Dyes, are appropriate for cotton material enterprises, we have a wide assortment scope of receptive colors for biting the dust, cushioning and printing.we have a wide assortment scope of texture colors/responsive colors for coloring, cushioning and printing.They are otherwise called dischargable colors Reactive Dyes Manufacturer and Supplier, Exporters in India

Reactive Dyes Manufacturer in India Receptive colors structure another synthetic compound when they come into contact with a fiber atom. Responsive colors are applied either from an answer with high pH or from impartial arrangements that are subsequently alkalized through a different cycle. At times various shades are brought out by applying hotness to the colored material.

1 REACTIVE BLACK 5 12225-25-1
3 REACTIVE BLUE 21 12236-86-1
4 REACTIVE BLUE 160 71872-76-9
5 REACTIVE BLUE 198 124448-55-1
6 REACTIVE BLUE 220 128416-19-3
7 REACTIVE BLUE 221 93051-41-3
8 REACTIVE BLUE 222 93051-44-6
9 REACTIVE BLUE 250 93951-21-4
10 REACTIVE YELLOW 84 61951-85-7
11 REACTIVE YELLOW 145 93050-80-7
12 REACTIVE YELLOW 160 129898-77-7
13 REACTIVE RED 120 61951-82-4
14 REACTIVE RED 195 93050-79-4
15 REACTIVE ORANGE 122 12220-12-1
16 REACTIVE VIOLET 13 12270-87-0