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Sunday, 22 Sep 2019 00:00 am
Best Dyes manufacturers India, textile dyes, leather dyes, cotton dyes, polyester dyes,wool dyes,papper dyes  @

Best Dyes manufacturers India, textile dyes, leather dyes, cotton dyes, polyester dyes,wool dyes,papper dyes @

Namaskar friends, acid dyes are very useful for textile industries because please give, brightness and color to the product. Today I am going to share you about our new price list for 2019 acid dyes Ahmedabad and this article is very helpful and updates for all those customers looking for Acid dyes manufacture addresses contact address and prices.

First of all, for all those new customers who do not know about our company, I would like to tell little about our Companies details and our work namaskar friends we are one of the leading manufacturers of acid dyes, our manufacturing factories in Ahmedabad and deliver our dyes whenever customers required in India. You can see the below how much quantity you want actually our packing is 45 kg and you can contact us for free samples also we can send you free samples normally everyday 2230 peoples we are sending free samples because they are contacting us to our customer support agent and they want to use our product and then decide whether we are best or not which is fair enough and if you also requirement for Acid dyes in Ahmedabad you can contact our support agent and ask for free samples we can courier you free samples anywhere in India normally the courier will reach you within 3 days and you can test our product and then you can contact us I can give you a guarantee that our all the products are reasonable price compared to the market we know textile industry market is very competitive market and nowadays there is a very good scope has been developed due to new development of acid dyes and our dice are International standards parameters we have also ISO Certified company and I would also like to mention that we are one of the oldest players in this industry in manufacturing acid dyes from last 25 years and we have great dominar expertise into that that is the reason we become one of the best manufacturing factories in Ahmedabad for Acid dyes I would like to break you about our products and then in the last I am going to tell you the prices and other requirements if you want to purchase acid dyes from our company we produce numbers of acid dyes in our factory and here is the list below.

ACID BLUE 9 Standard, Chrome Free, Crude & Salt Free 2650-18-2
ACID BLUE 1 Standard & Crude 129-17-9
ACID BLUE 7 Standard & Crude 3486-30-4
ACID BLUE 15 Standard, Chrome Free, Crude & Salt Free 5863-46-7
ACID BLUE 113 Standard & Crude 3351_05_1
ACID BLUE 193 Standard & Crude 12392-64-2
ACID BLUE MIX Standard & Crude  
ACID BLUE SPL Standard & Crude  
ACID ROYAL BLUE N Standard & Crude  
ACID VIOLET 17 Standard, Chrome Free, Crude & Salt Free 4129-84-4
ACID VIOLET 49 Standard, Chrome Free, Crude & Salt Free 1694-09-3
ACID VIOLET 43 Crude 4430-18-6
ACID VIOLET 1 Crude 6441-91-4
ACID RED 52 Standard, Crude & Salt Free 3520-42-1
ACID RED 97 Standard & Crude 10169-02-5
ACID YELLOW 36 Crude 587-98-4
ACID YELLOW 42 Crude 6357-55-9
ACID ORANGE 7 Crude 633-96-5
ACID ORANGE 10 Crude 1936-15-8
ACID GREEN 9 Standard & Crude 4857-81-2
ACID GREEN 16 Standard & Crude 12768-78-4
ACID GREEN 73 Standard & Crude 12219-93-1
ACID BLACK 1 Standard & Crude 1064-48-8
ACID BLACK 107 Standard & Crude 12218-96-1
ACID BLACK 172 Standard, Crude & Salt Free 61847-77-6
ACID BLACK 194 Standard, Crude & Salt Free 61931-02-0
1 ACID BLACK 2 8005_03_6
2 ACID BLACK 210 99576-15-5
3 ACID BLACK 234 157577-99-6
4 ACID BROWN 14 5850-16-8
5 ACID BROWN 75 8011-86-7
6 ACID BROWN 161 61724-13-8
7 ACID BROWN 282 12219-65-7
8 ACID BROWN 348 72827-72-6
9 ACID BROWN 349 72827-73-7
10 ACID BROWN 354 71799-43-4
11 ACID BROWN 355 60181-77-3
12 ACID BROWN 425 119509-49-8
13 ACID BROWN 432 119509-50-1
14 ACID BROWN 434 126851-40-9
15 ACID GREEN 1 19381-50-1
16 ACID GREEN 20 5850-39-5
17 ACID GREEN 68 61901-32-4
18 ACID ORANGE 3 6373-74-6
19 ACID ORANGE 74 10127-27-2
20 ACID ORANGE 10 1936-15-8
21 ACID ORANGE 86 12220-07-4
22 ACID ORANGE 142 61901-39-1/ 55809-98-8
23 ACID RED 1 3734-67-6
24 ACID RED 14 3567-69-9
25 ACID RED 18 2611-82-7
26 ACID RED 27 915-67-3
27 ACID RED 88 1658-56-6
28 ACID RED 119 12220-20-1/70210-06-9
29 ACID RED 131 12234-99-0
30 ACID RED 151 6406-56-0
31 ACID RED 141 5850-93-1
32 ACID RED 183 6408-31-7
33 ACID RED 186 52677-44-8
34 ACID RED 195 12220_24_5
35 ACID RED 362 61814-58-2
36 ACID RED 73 5413-75-2
37 ACID RED 357 61951-36-8
38 ACID VIOLET 12 6625-46-3
39 ACID VIOLET 54 11097-74-8
40 ACID VIOLET 90 6408-29-3
41 ACID YELLOW 17 6359-98-4
42 ACID YELLOW 23 1934-21-0
43 ACID YELLOW 36 587-98-4
44 ACID TELLOW 42 6375-55-9
45 ACID YELLOW 49 12239-15-5
46 ACID YELLOW 99 10343-58-5
47 ACID YELLOW 151 12715-61-6
48 ACID YELLOW 194 61814-52-6
49 ACID YELLOW 19 2220-64-3
50 ACID YELLOW 110 12220-74-5
51 ACID YELLOW 220 71603-79-7
52 ACID BLUE 93 28983-56-4
53 ACID BLUE 158 6370_08_7

A modest beginning by our Director, Mr. Madan Arora, with trading activities of Dyes, Pigments, Intermediates, and Chemicals for Textile Industries.

Considering the rapid growth of the textile industry in India and all over the world, a thought conceived in the year 2005 by our Director, Mr. Madan Arora evolved in to a Startup Company as Saarthi Inc.

The goal was to indigenously develop and market a comprehensive range of Dyes, pigments, and Intermediates for various Industries, Saarthi Inc. was formed with an emphasis on in-house R&D & Q.C. to develop more and more products, keeping the customer needs in to focus and quality under constant vigil. With a well-experienced marketing group and our efficient workers we are continually growing and creating new goals to achieve.

The motto of our Company is to serve our customers with the best quality material and in order to do this; we have been receptive to the changing trends on domestic as well as international level. Our existence is now at a global scale and we have acquired a series of highly reputed clientele. With an ambition to grow, we have taken this colorful path with your support, it can become a fun and a fruitful journey.

Now I am saying you hour 24 hours support number you can contact them for the pricing these are the list we have just described you about our manufacturing acid dyes I can also tell you that you know if you want anything extra for customise we can do it for you because we have our great expertise and our machines are imported that is one of the reason the have a great scientist and team of people who do regular research and development how we can improve our product and how we can make our dice so capable and good so that the life of the cloth and textile become more long life I would like to tell you recently we have developed few Unix ways of using the dies and we provide training also to our all the customers show recording all the trainings and how to use our dies we have everything at our place so if you want one solution for your textile industry please contact our support agent and fix a part time we going to send you our acid dyes samples free of cost to you you can taste our product and you can see the results come from our acid dyes and then I am sure you will believe you are the one of the best manufacturing supplier distributor in Ahmedabad Gujarat India for Acid dyes and contact us.

and I would like to give you a guarantee that our pricing will believe me one of the lowest cheap and we want to make relationship with the People's not the business the relationship comes first in our company then the business that is the reason from last 10 years whoever purchasing acid dyes from us from India Ahmedabad Mumbai Aurangabad Udaipur Bhilwada all the textile industries cities majorly all the factory owners are taking acid dyes from us at Ahmedabad office thank you very much for reading this big article related to acid dyes supplier manufacturer and distributor in Ahmedabad I am sure with this article I am helpful and useful to all those peoples Industries textile industries were looking for a good acid dyes manufacturer in India Ahmedabad Gujarat.