Best Dyes manufacturers India, textile dyes, leather dyes, cotton dyes, polyester dyes,wool dyes,papper dyes  @
Black 22 Dyes Updates 2020 List of Manufacturers India
Monday, 25 Nov 2019 00:00 am
Best Dyes manufacturers India, textile dyes, leather dyes, cotton dyes, polyester dyes,wool dyes,papper dyes  @

Best Dyes manufacturers India, textile dyes, leather dyes, cotton dyes, polyester dyes,wool dyes,papper dyes @

Direct black 22, manufacturer in India is used for next time colouring enhancing the colour of the cloth and shining of the cloth this dye is being used. Presenting you the list of manufacturers across India with their contact address and phone numbers who are well known and famous. These manufacturers are famous because cheap prices dies and best quality of product they also provide free home delivery and free samples so let me, e first tell you about our company namaskar my name is Rohit and I am the sales manager of this company we produce high quality of all type of direct dyes and we are one of the biggest exporter trader and manufacturer of all type of textile industry solutions.

DIRECT BLACK 22  600%, 1200%, 1600%, 2000% & 2400% 6473-13-8
DIRECT BLACK 80 Standard & Crude 8003-69-8
DIRECT BLACK 179 Standard  143549-91-1
DIRECT BLACK 170 Standard & Crude 86167-73-9
DIRECT BLACK 56 Crude 8003-57-4
DIRECT BLACK 155 Standard & Crude 71902-06-2
DIRECT BLACK 165 Crude 1937-37-7
DIRECT BLACK 166 Crude 57131-19-8)
DIRECT RED 239 Crude & Salt Free 60202-35-9.
DIRECT BLUE 80 Standard & Crude 12222-00-3
DIRECT BLUE 199 Standard, Crude & Salt Free 12222-04-7
DIRECT BLUE 218 Crude 28407-37-6
DIRECT BLUE 281 Crude 77907-25-6
1 DIRECT YELLOW 11 1325-37-7
2 DIRECT YELLOW 44 8005-52-5
3 DIRECT YELLOW 86 50925-42-3
4 DIRECT YELLOW 106 12222-60-5
5 DIRECT YELLOW 132 61968-26-1
6 DIRECT YELLOW 147 71838-49-8
7 DIRECT YELLOW 12 2870-32-8
8 DIRECT YELLOW 142 71902-08-4
9 DIRECT ORANGE 102 6598-63-6
10 DIRECT ORANGE 26 3626-36-6
11 DIRECT ORANGE 34 12222-37-6
12 DIRECT ORANGE 39 1325-54-8
13 DIRECT RED 80 2610_10_8
14 DIRECT RED 81 2610-11-9/12237-71-7
15 DIRECT RED 23 3441-14-3
16 DIRECT RED 31 5001-72-9
17 DIRECT RED 79 1937-34-4
18 DIRECT RED 83:1 90880-77-6
19 DIRECT RED 227 12222-51-4
20 DIRECT RED 254 101380-00-1
21 DIRECT BLUE 71 4399-55-7
22 DIRECT BLUE 86 1330-38-7
23 DIRECT VIOLET 9 6227-14-1
24 DIRECT VIOLET 35 6227-20-9
25 DIRECT VIOLET 51 5489-77-0
26 DIRECT BLACK 168 85631-88-5/83046-38-2
27 DIRECT BLUE 15 2429-74-5

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Presently we are offering a great quality of black 22 dyes, you can ask for free samples by talking hour 24-hour customer care agent and then decide you want to buy or not. Presently we are providing free Shipping Up to 500 kg we have our offices across India we have our offices in Delhi Mumbai Chennai Tamil Nadu Kerala Madras Pondicherry Ahmedabad Gujarat Rajasthan Surat all places we have our distributors and traders we can provide you with our direct black dyes samples if you want free of cost and I would like to tell you that we are also offering few things which make us different and one of the best manufacturer in India for direct black guys I would like to tell you that we have a separate training department to whoever purchasing our product our team visit to their factories and train their employees how to use this material and how to enhance the colour by using small quantity of direct black 22 dyes.

I am sure the conclusion is it's a great information for all those were looking for direct black dies purchasing or read more about how this going to use and who are those manufacturers in India because in this article the have told you about one of the one-point contact numbers you can contact them and get best samples and deals from across manufacturers of direct black 22.

List of direct dyes manufacturer in India with price contact address and phone numbers of manufacturers across India like Mumbai Delhi Bangalore and other City a great information if you want to read more about direct dyes, information manufacturers, factories contact address suppliers you find on this URL you can visit and read and find the contact address and phone numbers with option for asking and requesting a free samples of direct dyes anywhere in India 48 hours.

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