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Red REACTIVE Dyes Manufacturer India

Namaskar people who love reactive dyes always consider our reactive dyes are one of the best manufacturers in India namaskar I am the sales manager in this company and we claim our self one of the biggest and largest reactive dyes manufacturer in India I would like to present you detail about our reactive dyes we are offering free samples and discounts so if you are looking for a high quality of cheap price reactive dyes in India contact hour 24 hours support agent and get one of the best free samples and then decide you want to purchase or you want to buy power reactive dyes or not they are very open and we are very very flexible about delivery surprising and quality and specifications we can develop any type of specification according to your textile industry requirement reactive dyes are normally used for textile please to enhance the cloth colour colouring and quality of presentation.

1 REACTIVE BLACK 5 12225-25-1
3 REACTIVE BLUE 21 12236-86-1
4 REACTIVE BLUE 160 71872-76-9
5 REACTIVE BLUE 198 124448-55-1
6 REACTIVE BLUE 220 128416-19-3
7 REACTIVE BLUE 221 93051-41-3
8 REACTIVE BLUE 222 93051-44-6
9 REACTIVE BLUE 250 93951-21-4
10 REACTIVE YELLOW 84 61951-85-7
11 REACTIVE YELLOW 145 93050-80-7
12 REACTIVE YELLOW 160 129898-77-7
13 REACTIVE RED 120 61951-82-4
14 REACTIVE RED 195 93050-79-4
15 REACTIVE ORANGE 122 12220-12-1
16 REACTIVE VIOLET 13 12270-87-0
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