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Welcome to Saarthi Dye Chem, your premier destination for high-quality PVA Polyvinyl Alcohol Powder, auxiliaries, chemicals, and textile dyestuffs. Founded by Mr. Gaurav Arora in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, SaarthiDyechem stands as a leading manufacturer, exporter, and trader in the industry.
Our extensive product range includes cotton-based direct and reactive dyes, wool-based acid dyes, as well as solutions for disperse dyes, neon fluorescent emulsions, pigment paste colors, pearl powder, sulphur dyes, auxiliaries, and other value-added products for dyeing and printing.
With applications spanning across textiles, leather, paint, paper, and enamel sectors, our products are trusted by diverse industries worldwide. As the top wholesale supplier in India and one of the largest manufacturer-exporters in the textile dyestuff sector.
At Saarthi Dye Chem, we prioritize innovation and excellence. Our friendly staff and competitive pricing ensure our clients receive nothing but the best. We believe in fostering deep collaborations with our clients, allowing us to innovate and excel in ways that set us apart from the competition. When you choose Saarthi Dye Chem, you’re choosing a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that’s second to none.

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Saarthi Dye Chem is a renowned manufacturer and exporter specializing in Specialty Dyes, Fluorescent Colors, and Optical Brighteners. With our expertise and dedication, we have earned a leading position in the industry.
Our product range offers a diverse selection of dyes tailored to suit various applications and requirements. Whether it’s for textiles, plastics, or other industries, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.
Equipped with modern manufacturing units and a fully-equipped in-house laboratory, we ensure the highest standards of quality and precision in every product. Our computerized color-matching facility enables us to deliver consistent and accurate results.
Saarthi Dye Chem has established a strong presence in both the domestic Indian market and international markets through exports. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us the trust and loyalty of clients worldwide.
Over the past two decades, we have intensified our focus on the export market while continuing to serve our domestic clientele. This strategic approach has enabled us to expand our reach and serve customers globally.
Our extensive range of products surpasses that of many multinational competitors. With a wide selection of specialty dyes and colors, we offer unparalleled choices to our customers.
At Saarthi Dye Chem, we are committed to delivering excellence, innovation, and value to our customers, making us the preferred choice in the industry.
We have carved a niche for ourselves in the domain of manufacturing and exporting a wide assortment of Inter Dyes and Chemicals. Our product range includes Reactive Dyes, Food Color, Dyes Intermediates Solvent Dyes, Optical Brightening Agent, Menthol Crystal and Inkjet Dye. These products can be used for various applications in different dye industries worldwide under single roof.

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